May My Children Play Outside?

Landlords love peace and quiet. Why? Because it makes it easier for them to rent their apartments. So one of the things that landlords love to do is to forbid children from playing outside of their apartments in the common areas of the complex. In the old days, landlords were blatant about their intentions; they created rules that expressly said, “Children may not play in the common areas of the complex.” But with the passage of the Fair Housing Act and California’s Fair Employment & Housing Act, landlords had to become more creative. Nowadays, landlords pass rules that state things such as, “No bicycling, skating, skateboarding, etc.” in the common areas. Why do they typically pass such rules? Because they don’t want children playing in the common areas. But they know that they can no longer expressly say what they mean or they will violate the tenants’ rights. Are those rules legal? Not necessarily. If you are curious if your landlord’s rules are legal, then feel free to contact us at or by calling us at (858) 220-9601. California tenants have rights, so find out what they are, whether you live in San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland, or Sacramento.