No Biking, No Skateboarding, No Playing Outside

As the years have gone by, more and more landlords in California have come to realize that it is actually illegal to discriminate against families with children. But it does not mean that all landlords have stopped discriminating against families with children. Instead, what it means is that landlords are becoming more subtle about discriminating against children. For example, many landlords who used to have written rules that said things such as, “Children may not ride their bikes or skateboards in the common areas,” have now changed their rules to say, “No one may ride their bikes or skateboards in the common areas.” Are the landlords still trying to accomplish the same goal? Absolutely! But they are not being blatant about it. Why not? Because they don’t want to get in trouble for making statements that indicate limitations or discrimination based on familial status (i.e., against children). But are their modified statements illegal? While their statements do not violate a certain portion of the Fair Housing Act, the statements may violate a different portion of the Fair Housing Act. If you have any questions, please, visit our website at