Do Grandparents Have Rights?

When Andrea was two years old, she went to live with her grandparents on a full-time basis. She had lived with them for eleven years when her grandparents moved to an apartment complex in Los Angeles County. Shortly after living at the complex, her grandparents were told by the manager that Andrea was not allowed to be outside at anytime without adult supervision. Andrea’s grandparents objected to the rule, finding it ridiculous that a teenager couldn’t be outside alone, but they told Andrea, on that occasion to come inside. As the weeks went by, the manager kept harassing Andrea about being outside without adult supervision and eventually threatened her grandparents with eviction if Andrea were caught outside alone again. Have Andrea and her grandparents been discriminated against? Well, the Fair Housing Act protects families with children, but does that include a grandchild living with her grandparents? The short answer is that the discriminatory actions are wrong because they were taken because of the age of a child. The fact that Andrea’s grandparents were injured because of those discriminatory actions enables them to file a claim against the landlord.