Do Muslims Have the Right to Live in Any Apartment?

Yes, a Muslim can live in any apartment, provided he or she is qualified to do so. But the problem is that in this day and age some landlords don’t want to rent to Muslims, even if they are qualified to rent the apartment. So landlords become crafty at finding ways to deny apartments to qualified Muslims. For example, a qualified Muslim may be told that the last apartment was just rented that afternoon. Or the landlord may tell a qualified Muslim that his or her credit score just isn’t high enough or they don’t have the required income to rent the apartment. Qualified Muslim applicants may be told that they would probably feel more comfortable near the local mosque. Put simply, if you think the apartment manager is lying to you about why he or she does not want to rent you an apartment, and you are otherwise qualified to rent the apartment, then it may be that it is due to the fact that you are a Muslim. The Fair Housing Act forbids landlords from refusing to negotiate with someone for the rental of an apartment because of that person’s religion.

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