“There is no place like home,” Dorothy told us in the Wizard of Oz. But if you are a tenant being discriminated against by your landlord (or the management company), then home can be the worst place in the world, even if you live in an apartment in beautiful San Diego or up the coast in homeowners association in San Francisco.  If you believe that your landlord is discriminating against you because you have children, or if the management company is discriminating against you because you are a different race from your landlord or the manager, or if you are being singled out because you are from a different country, etc., then we are here to help you, to protect your rights, and to bring about change.  So whether your landlord is threatening to evict you because your children have been playing outside or because your landlord objects to the religious sign in your apartment window or because you are a single mom who hasn’t been supervising your children while they are playing outside, we are here to fight fiercely on your behalf. Fair housing laws prevent landlords, managers, and management companies from discriminating against tenants, including families with children. Fair housing laws also prevent landlords from discriminating against tenants because of, among other things, their race, religion, national origin, or color.  Put simply, if you believe that you are being treated unfairly, then please contact us.  There are laws to protect your rights as a tenant. It’s time to take a stand against housing discrimination. Today is the day to take that stand.