Fighting for Tenants and Victims of Housing Discrimination for over 20 years!

Landlord harassment is illegal, but it shows up in many ways. Unnecessary shouting, withholding of repairs, refusing to grant requests for reasonable accommodations, threats of eviction, demands for sexual favors, and persistent physical or psychological intimidation are some examples of illegal landlord harassment. It takes a tough and experienced housing lawyer to deal with landlord harassment. Attorney Stuart E. Fagan, founder of the Law Offices of Stuart E. Fagan, has been fighting for tenants and housing discrimination victims for over 20 years. He is ready to stand in the gap on your behalf, even if you are flat broke and have no way to pay.

“There is no place like home,” we are told. And for the most part, that’s true. Yet for too many renters, especially those who have children, home can be a place that can be a nightmare. Whether that nightmare is caused by a manager or landlord screaming at your children because they were playing outside unsupervised or threatening you with eviction because your children are too loud, we are here to help. The Law Offices of Stuart E. Fagan represents victims of housing discrimination throughout the State of California. We are committed to litigating fiercely and professionally on behalf of renters, tenants, home owners, and fair housing organizations to ensure that they are liberated from unjust and unfair treatment by landlords and homeowner associations. We are here to serve you and to contribute to the greater good of society. Attorney Stuart E. Fagan, who received academic honors from the University of Nebraska College of Law and Wheaton College, was admitted to practice law in 1991 before the State Bar of California and later was admitted to the Bar of the United States Supreme Court. Since then, the Law Offices of Stuart E. Fagan has represented renters and tenants throughout the State of California, including in San Diego, Orange County, Riverside, Los Angeles, Clovis, Fresno, Sacramento, San Luis Obispo, Oakland, and San Francisco. In short, if you’ve got a problem with your landlord in the State of California, then the Law Offices of Stuart E. Fagan is ready to help you today.

Who we are

Stuart E. Fagan is a civil rights litigator that fights against housing discrimination. Attorney Stuart E. Fagan began practicing law in 1991. Mr. Fagan is a Member of the California State Bar and the Bar of the United States Supreme Court. His firm has represented scores of individuals who have experienced housing discrimination based on familial status (families with children), age, race, color, national origin, and disability. The Law Offices of Stuart E. Fagan are here to help you and fight on your behalf.

Why We Are Different

Why We are Different

First and foremost, what makes Stuart E. Fagan a leading fair housing attorney is his work ethic. He will work harder than anyone to make sure his clients get justice. But Mr. Fagan is not so busy that he doesn’t have time to speak to his clients. He always makes himself available to talk to his clients because he is fighting on their behalf. He promptly responds to emails and text messages. He gives them the advice that they need and answers any and all questions. He is prepared to go to trial to fight for his clients’ rights.

Next, if your case is accepted for representation, then the Law Offices of Stuart Fagan will advance all the costs of the litigation, so that you don’t have to worry about how to pay for legal representation. Most of Mr. Fagan’s clients simply do not have the ability to pay for legal representation; he accepts them as clients anyway.

Mr. Fagan’s extensive litigation experience enables him to achieve favorable results for his clients, for opposing parties know that Mr. Fagan means business when he says that he will go to trial if a just and fair offer is not extended to his clients.

  • Impressive in handling housing and tenant matters;
  • If you call, then you will actually speak to a lawyer–not an assistant;
  • The firm maintains a sophisticated law practice;
  • We listen, so that we understand your problems, and then we work hard to fix them.

So if your home has become a place that you would rather avoid because of problems with your landlord, then give us a call at (858) 247-2901. We’ll start fighting immediately to right the wrongs that you are facing. Life is too short to let a landlord or a manager bully you. Stop putting up with that nonsense.