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Yes, renters have rights under the law to protect them from their landlords. Renters’ rights against housing discrimination from landlords are derived from both the State of California and the federal government. As renters, families with children are entitled to be treated in the same way that adult-only renters are treated. For example, if a single adult is allowed to be in the common areas of an apartment complex reading a book, then a child also should be permitted to read a book in the common areas of an apartment complex. Apartment managers cannot treat tenants differently because of the fact that one is an adult and another is under 18 years of age. In other words, there cannot be two sets of rules: one set of rules for adult tenants and another set of rules for children or families with children. One rule that often brings confusion is an apartment rule that permits adults to swim in the pool, but limits which children can swim and when. Many apartment complexes insist that children may only swim with adult supervision. These swimming pool rules have been found to be illegal in many cases. In the end, if you believe that your landlord is discriminating against you or your children, then it may be time that you find a lawyer to fight for your renters’ rights.

Post Author: Stuart E. Fagan

Fair housing litigator with over 25 years' experience accepting cases in California.